Our history

From the creation of Cap Décision and Cap Audit to a new Phase: Céliance…

For 15 years, Alexandre HARMAND and Bertrand GRABISCH were managing partners of a regional accounting and auditing firm.

In 2009, they realised that the chartered accountancy and auditing profession is about to undergo profound changes: regulatory simplification – increased financial thresholds – digitalisation – free access to information. They further noticed that, despite open access to information, managers, decision-makers, CEOs often remained alone and unprepared to confront to make a decision. Bertrand and Alexandre decided to leave their comfort zone and created CAP DECISION and CAP AUDIT. The vision was to provide STRATEGIC, FINANCIAL, ECONOMIC and HUMAN RESOURCES development support for decision-makers both in the private and public sectors.

In time, our corporate approach was concentrated on specialization. The team then decided to focus on STRATEGIC and FINANCIAL dimensions of our clients’ business. The specialization process has manifested itself through a more targeted recruitment and a qualifying training program attested by a diploma. This new recruitment mechanisme has enabled the whole team to better serve their clients.

The firm now run a fully digitalised process which allows us to be highly responsive, agile and flexible.

Dates clés

July 6

Fusion avec TAO Expertise

Céliance et TAO Expertise s’associent. Ce rapprochement avec Olivier MOREAU, son fondateur et dirigeant, nous permet d’accroître notre réseau et savoir-faire en matière de Fusions-acquisitions.

Céliance accelerate its development

Céliance bought certified public accountant office FMV & Partners’s customer and team!

We become Céliance

Cap Audit and Cap Décision become Céliance!

Our digitalization process has been completed

Céliance continues its digital transformation and specialization with intangible assets: website, brands, etc…

Specialization and expansion

Certified public accountant office REMUSAT becomes CAP AUDIT – 48 avenue de Villiers in PARIS XVII. Our team have specialised in business valuation through a training by the Company of Financial Advisors and Experts. We have also been approved as a worker cooperative auditor.

Our digitalization process has been started

We have also specialised in injury assessment. A new office has been established in SAINT DIZIER.

Initiation of specialization process

We have been approved as a COMPANY AUDITOR by the Commission for the Supervision of the Financial Sector. Setting up a new office at the BLACK STONE in METZ in order to give CAP AUDIT a new image.

Establishment of a PARIS office

We have expanded our company by setting up a PARIS office at Rue du Faubourg Saint Honoré. In that same year, we also created a diploma of COMPANY TAKEOVER/MERGER in partnership with the University of LORRAINE. CAP DECISION has been a partner of KYOCERA France for the development of its reseller/distributor network on French territory as well as liaising with KYOCERA Espana.

Establishment of a CAP DECISION office in LUXEMBOURG

2013 was also the beginning of our massive specialization process through the qualifying training programmes at the University of Luxembourg. We have also developed M&A services: the first offer of external growth strategy was implemented at the HEXAPAGE network seminar at DISNEYLAND PARIS.

Specialization in Social Dialogue

In 2012, we have specialised in social dialogue to extend our services to new sectors.

CAP DECISION dive into sociological research

In collaboration with the University of LORRAINE, CAP DECISION launch from July 2011 a series of conferences on “Understanding Generation Y”, including a conference at the University DAUPHINE PARIS in February 2012.

Creation of CAP DIAG in October

2010 was also the year of implement of a global diagnostic tool: HEPTA 360. This concept was then adopted by the the Chambers of Industry and Commerce of Moselle to identify the needs of its members.


In November 2009, creation of our firms in NANCY and METZ. We have started to provide financial advice and strategic support for managers in the development and legal audit. By choice, the firm is no longer carries out accounting services.