Asset management

It is essential to know how to actively manage your assets and to control your capital towards to make the right decisions in the short, medium and long term. Wealth engineering enables you to structure your assets, to find solutions to handle each key stage in your professional life and organise their transmission. Our consultants will help you implement an effective asset/wealth strategy that meets your needs.

Our method:

• Drawing up a global diagnosis and projection of your existing situation over the  next 15 years
• Proposition of scenarios to secure, optimize and develop your assets
• Implementation of solutions

Wealth Management: make the right decisions!


Céliance helps you plan the major events in your life.


What is wealth management?

Wealth planning allows you to structure, secure and improve the economic performance of your assets, but also to organize its transmission in the context of your succession. The structuring of your assets is crucial. It allows you to improve, sometimes substantially, the economic performance of your entities, your sources of income, and thus to fluidify the operations in a conglomerate. In the framework of a professional activity, structuring allows to facilitate the growth and the development of the company (facilitation of management, cash-flow, improvement of performances). In a second step, it facilitates the growth and the development of your company (facilitation of management, cash-flow, improvement of performances). Finally, it guides the development of your assets with greater ease, by easily allocating the revenues generated by your activities to the realization of your projects. Wealth engineering helps you find solutions to face each key stage of your professional and personal life. It is therefore important to know how to manage your assets and control your capital, in order to make the right decisions in the short, medium and long term.


Who is it for & when should it be requested?


Wealth management can be requested at any time. Some moments of your life will be more strategic and will require an in-depth reflection, such as business transfer, marriage, inheritance, preparation for retirement, moving abroad… For more serenity during these stages of life, it is recommended to contact us as soon as possible.

It is aimed at anyone who has assets and is wondering about their organization and management.


Céliance: your trusted partner


Our wealth engineers take into account the financial, legal, tax and civil considerations related to the ownership of an estate and support you in the implementation of a personalized strategy that will meet your needs. Legal, financial and tax issues: Céliance is at your side and advises you in the management of your assets. We analyze and evaluate your situation in real time. We offer you quick and complete asset diagnostics. Following our complete and customized analysis of your needs, we offer you sustainable solutions. Our 360° vision of your private and professional assets allows us to elaborate together a strategy that will be in accordance with your expectations, but also with those of future generations.

Together, we will address key issues, such as your savings, your donations or legacies, your retirement, contingency, transmission, taxation, business development …

Thanks to our multiple simulations of solutions, and analyses carried out with the help of various financial calculators, documentary bases, and a follow-up of the monthly current events of the heritage, we are able to recommend you certain scenarios. Our tools allow us to act quickly and to compare their effects. All the consequences of changes can then be apprehended: change of family situation, matrimonial regime, remuneration, professional status and their social impact, or change of pre-successional commitments…

At the end of our mission, we deliver our client a complete and relevant report including the before/after simulations, diagnoses, summaries, and comparisons.


Benefit from 4 main diagnostics and before/after simulations:


  • Retirement
  • Pensions
  • Transmission
  • Taxation

An essential and in-depth knowledge of your environment :


We first get to know you, so that we can understand your personal, family and professional environment. A relationship of trust is essential to help you better understand the complexity of your assets and to offer you a more informed decision. Your wealth information is therefore essential to us. This information is mainly focused on :

  • the family (structure and matrimonial commitments) ;
  •  the professional situation ;
  •  the numerical elements of your assets (income, private investments and assets, loans, future annuities and tax optimization, employee savings, assets of use) ;
  • the budget (summary of “Resources and Expenses”, details of taxes due, determination of monthly savings and lifestyle.


The knowledge of these elements will allow us to follow you in a more personalized way since your expectations will be integrated in our recommendations.


The process of our wealth engineering offer can be summarized as follows:


  • Getting to know your wealth information and your environment
  • Establishment of a global diagnosis and projection of your current situation in the years to come
  • Delivery of a detailed reporting with proposed scenarios to secure, develop and improve the economic performance of your assets, according to your project and needs
  • Implementation of adapted solutions

Our skills and expertise in asset management allow us to intervene in varied environments and many different sectors.

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