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Support through the employment chain

The Celiance Group is now offering a new service that will meet your needs in terms of PAYROLL and social services.

A global social offer is now available to you. Céliance is able to support your company throughout the employment chain. The latter covers the whole process of an employee, from his entry to his exit from the company.

We will therefore meet your needs:

  • PAYROLL service for pay slips and social contributions
  • Legal framework: drafting of employment contracts, contractual termination, dismissal procedures, profit-sharing plans, and all regulatory provisions concerning the protection of employees at work.

This new offer will be provided by our lawyers and dedicated team.

Optimize your payroll management

A real time saver for you and your employees!


In partnership with SERVI PAIES, Céliance takes care of the processing of your company’s pay slips, of the formalities related to human resources and also of all your professional administrative procedures (DNS, employment contracts, dismissal, IJSS, etc.)

Free yourself from all the constraints related to payroll management, and concentrate your energy on your core business. For more peace of mind, Céliance offers you a simplified and secure management of payroll-related services.

When preparing your employees’ pay slips, our dedicated team ensures compliance with local laws and contracts. Thanks to our real-time monitoring of constant legal developments, you benefit from automatic regulatory updates.

The experts at your disposal are at your disposal to answer all your questions related to your pay slips and other administrative procedures related to human resources.

Our human-sized team is flexible and close to you.


Our support on the payroll is as follows:

  • Production of your pay slips
  • Production of monthly declarations (DSN)
  • Contact with the different social organizations
  • Access to a digital safe

Our social intervention is not limited to payroll management. Our assistance extends to various formalities. Céliance is at your side throughout the employment chain, from the entry to the exit of an employee.


Our support covers each stage:

  • Hiring
  • Contracts
  • Payroll management
  • Breach of contract
  • Absences and short-time work: links with social organizations
  • Advice
  • Etc


Benefit from a support, advice and permanent assistance. Our social secretariat offers you the possibility to unload tasks related to the management of your personnel.


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