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All concerned by CSR

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is the implementation of sustainable development at the company level. All types of companies are now concerned by CSR: small and large, regardless of your sector of activity.

With its economic and environmental pillar, it will allow your company to prepare for the challenges it is or will be facing. It is also an opportunity for you to promote your company’s commitment to a responsible and sustainable approach to all your stakeholders (customers, partners, suppliers, shareholders and employees, for example).

Integrating a CSR approach into your company’s operations therefore implies measuring and evaluating the impact that your activities may have on the environment and society. This diagnosis, with a view to making improvements, will be essential for your CSR approach to bring you various benefits. Among its concrete advantages you will find for example:

  • Attractiveness in the eyes of customers and prospects
  • Candidates attentive to your approach
  • Better involvement of your employees
  • Certain rules are now mandatory : be sure to avoid any sanctions



Céliance supports you in this process and offers you a diagnostic solution


Our team will set up a diagnostic solution to evaluate your company’s strengths and areas for improvement in line with its priority CSR issues.

Developed by the Compagnie Nationale des Commissaires aux Comptes, the methodology is based on a precise questionnaire allowing to produce a detailed report.

The CSR diagnosis presents a new opportunity to :

  • Understand the best practices of the sector,
  • Identify the CSR obligations that are imposed on the company (DPEF/social audit/BDESE/index equality between men and women/etc.),
  • Understand the issues and objectives of the CSR diagnosis.

The implementation of the CSR diagnosis meets several needs of the company :

  • To know the main issues of the organization with regard to CSR and to have an evaluation of its degree of maturity in this field,
  • To develop an action plan in order to make the necessary improvements,
  • Valuing its actions and performance in the field of CSR with its stakeholders,
  • Respond to specific requests from stakeholders in the field of CSR

Our skills and expertise in business valuation allow us
to intervene in varied environments and many different sectors.

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